Coherent Cooperative Games

As I describe them…

Victor Morgante
9 min readJun 10, 2024
Coherent Cooperative Games. Royalty free image. ChatGPT and Victor Morgante

Coherent Cooperative Games, as I describe them, are games where:

“If you play, there is only one type of play or move which is that on each move you play the other player wins. The rules of the game are open and coherently known to each player. Play tokens are defined by the rules and may be the rules themselves.”

On the face of it, you might say, “Well that has to be the most boring game ever invented. Win-Win on every move.”, but as we will explore Coherent Cooperative Games (CCGs) are widespread/global and cover a little explored and valued aspect of game theory, including within what may seem non-cooperative games.

I have found it extraordinary that in 2024 when one does a Google search on “Coherent Cooperative Games” scant results are returned and when returned, search results coalesce around coherence in non-cooperative games.

“Coopertive Games” scores much better as a search term, however much of the literature focuses on the forming of a coalition that cooperates to achieve a goal, rather than analysing tokens passed between individual players forming the basis of transactions of a Coherent Cooperative Game. That is, a coalition, in a CCG, acts as one player. The exchanges those players have with other players is within a broader CCG.