FCO-IM and Object-Role Modeling

Towards unifying Fact-Based Modeling for Model Exchange

Victor Morgante
7 min readJun 3, 2024

Fact-Based Modeling will, with guidance and maturity, coalesce into a suite of complementary conceptual modelling tools when people work together to build a Fact-Based Modeling Metamodel.

Recent advents in the database world, the introduction of ISO GQL, the graph query language standard of the International Standards Organisation, brings to light that the overall size of a market grows when people work together to standardise an area of an industry. ISO GQL an effort to bring parts of Cypher/openCypher, the leading graph query language, to the otherwise relational database world in as much as it is a standard for new GQL language compliant databases that might otherwise call of themselves graph databases. The writing is on the wall…multi-model, Relational Knowledge Graphs/multi-model databases are the future.

FCO-IM (Fully Communication Oriented Information Modelling) and Object-Role Modeling are both a type of Fact-Based Modeling and there is an opportunity to grow the overall size of the FBM market with interoperability between FBM tools.


A hallmark of maturity is adaptability, and there is an opportunity for the Object-Role Modeling community to see the world through the eyes of the FCO-IM community when it comes to viewing “What is an Object Type?”, and the more I look at it, the more I come to appreciate and accept FCO-IM’s way of doing…