Relational Graphs — Pt1

Redefining the Relational Database and its DDL

Victor Morgante
5 min readMay 29, 2023

FactEngine’s mission is to radically change how people envision databases and knowledge graphs. Every database can be viewed as either a graph or relational database and FactEngine exploits this.

FactEngine pioneered this notion with the release of the Boston multi-model conceptual modelling software:

Click to enlarge — Interlinked/Morphing Multi-Model Conceptual Modelling. Image by author.

Relational Graphs / Graph Relational Databases

The vision is expanded to develop software and standards that can be applied to any relational database to treat that database as if it were a graph database.

How? By putting money where our mouth is.

Here’s a video of using an SQLite relational database as if it were a graph database:

Going One Step Further — Redefining DDL for Relational Databases

For relational databases to recover market share, vendors need to radical ly rethink how relational databases are defined at…