Sessions with GPT

Marking a Point-In-Time

Victor Morgante
2 min readApr 23, 2024
Sessions with GPT, by ChatGPT.

Some may look on the following as cruel. Others with the smile it brings to my face and others again mark this point in time with me for prosperity.

ChatGPT April 2024

It’s important that we have a “Sessions with GPT” movement where we mark points in time on the cusp of the world changing forever and as we know it.

I can sit with ChatGPT for hours and learn things I would never have learned otherwise and in a tiny fraction of the time.

ChatGPT and comparable Large Language Models (LLMs) provide avenues to access information without shame or being self-consciousness.

For instance, I don’t post questions on Stack Exchange or Stack Overflow in fear of being flamed… “Why would you ask such a [dumb] question?” … that sort of thing. A Distinction degree in IT, I don’t know everything, and nor do the people who write such things as responses to people on SE/SO.

But a LLM, dutifully, politely and respectfully answers questions in a way that is accessible, readily easy to understand and even apologetic if it gets things wrong and you point that out. “Flaming” is not their style, or more pointedly, how they…