Why learn Object-Role Modeling — Part II

Example Object-Role Model
Example Entity Relationship Diagram
  1. You can generate the ER Diagram from the ORM diagram;
  2. You will not easily forget what the relationship between Lecturer and EmailAddress is within your model; and
  3. You can perform natural language queries over your database based on the semantic richness of your ORM model:
Natural Language Queries over a database
A Property Graph Schema

A Natural Affiliation with Graph Schemas and Graph Queries

  • Business analysts and data architects can capture the model in Object-Role Modelling.
  • Engineers can create the database as a graph/relational/hierarchical/multi-model/document store database.
  • Data scientists and business intelligence analysts can query the database in natural language.




FactEngine. Architect, data scientist, researcher.

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Victor Morgante

Victor Morgante

FactEngine. Architect, data scientist, researcher.

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